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The God of Gothic

The Grange is the legacy of the God of Gothic, Ausustus Welby Northmore Pugin, born in 1812. During a period of 16 years he was responsible for 6 cathedrals, 40 churches and numerous private houses. His amazing attention to detail led him personally to design wallpaper, tiles, furniture, candlesticks and stained glass windows. He died aged 40 having married three times and had 8 children.

In 1844 he built his family home, The Grange in Ramsgate, on the Kent coast. In 1997 the house was about to be demolished when the wonderful Landmark Trust, with the help of the Heritage Lottery Fund, stepped in to restore it to its former glory. The research and restoration of The Grange took five years and cost 2.6 million.